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Handheld enclosures

Handheld enclosures

Ergonomic handheld enclosures for mobile electronics equipment

The manufacture of advanced and ergonomic handheld enclosures has been the major focus of our programme for many years. Today, we offer an exceptional variety of sizes and styles to suit both indoor and outdoor electronic devices. OKW handheld enclosures have an aesthetic and timeless design and are very comfortable to hold, which guarantees safe and fatigue-free operation.
Our standard enclosures have many in-built features which makes them compatible with modern electronic assemblies. Options include: battery compartments for N, AAA, AA, C and 9 V type cells, mounting points for PCBs, display modules, PCMCIA cards and connectors, high protection classes from IP 54 to IP 65, recessed areas for protecting membrane keyboards and product labels, plus moulding in reinforced, impact-resistant plastic for industrial use, or infrared-permeable material for remote control signals.
A wide range of accessories allows you to equip the enclosures with additional features, e.g. belt/pocket clips, lanyards, desk and wall stations with contacts for battery charging and data transmission, tilt stands and much more. Choose the handheld enclosure whose size and design meets your own special requirements.