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April 2023


Robust, watertight and stylish at the same time! The new SOLID-BOX enclosure range offers all the requirements that modern electrical/electronic packaging have to meet in industrial environments as well as in protected outdoor areas.

Safety in harsh environments is ensured by the high IP66/IP67 protection class, IK08 impact protection and the flame-retardant V0 material from 1.5 mm and thicker, with increased heat distortion temperature (Vicat/B 120 = 110 °C). Furthermore, the flame resistance is chlorine and bromine-free. Thanks to their highly polished enclosure finish and contour-flush design trims for concealed screw areas outside the sealed area, the industrial enclosures are also absolutely convincing in terms of design.

Depending on the application, the enclosures can be individually fitted with accessories, e.g. an internal hinge set as a "cover retention device" for service and maintenance work, enclosure feet for reliable positioning when using the enclosures for desktop applications, cable glands for the vibration-free and non-twist insertion of cables – available with/without pressure compensation to protect sensitive electronics, and much more.


March 2023

Brilliant lettering and graphics

From now on, we can also print your lettering and graphics in fluorescent inks. These convert invisible UV light into visible light. In this way, colours with the same light intensity are perceived to be brighter, which corresponds to an increase in contrast. These fluorescent inks have a warning effect (hi-vis colour) and attract greater attention (signal colour). These are ideal conditions for use in diffuse light conditions and in hazardous areas. Typical fluorescent colours are yellow, orange, red, pink and green - commonly known as neon colours.

Simply ask our experts! We shall be pleased to advise you on the printing of your enclosures and tuning knobs for your applications.

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March 2023

Colors that glow in the dark

If required, we can now also print using phosphorescent inks in the screen printing process, which glow in the dark. These are special lacquers that are mixed with phosphorus particles. They store light energy and emit it again at night or in dark environments using the luminescence (=cold glowing) principle. Generally speaking, photoluminescent inks are not intended for dark backgrounds.
Possible fields of application: warning signals, safety and orientation signs, highlighting of important equipment functions (e.g. for medical equipment) and much more.

Simply ask our experts! We shall be pleased to advise you.

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February 2023

NEW: CONNECT S with a width of only 42 mm

CONNECT S stands out from conventional enclosure designs thanks to its slim, elongated shape which provides a comfortable, convincing feel. The handy size is particularly easy to grip. Different lengths are available to match individual design requirements.

The possible applications include: remote controls, measuring instruments, detectors with measuring sensors, test systems, analytical instruments, medical and therapeutic applications, data loggers, wired interface enclosures and much more.