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Modifications and bespoke enclosures

Customised and bespoke enclosures manufactured to your exact requirements

We can supply enclosures exactly to your requirements, ready to install all of your components and assemblies. Tell us what you need to complete your design using our products. We can fully modify our enclosures and tuning knobs with machining, processing and finishing according to your exact specifications.

And what if you need a larger size or additional features than offered by our standard enclosures and tuning knobs? No problem. We can develop your own customer-specific variant using the standard design as a basis. With the help of our 3D models, we can design practically any special size to meet your needs and requirements and produce the products in the existing plastic materials. When used in conjunction with standard parts, for example a new larger top and an existing base, you can benefit from significant cost savings over a whole new design while still having plenty of scope for an individual company-specific product design.

From conception or development to series production, we can offer you the solution you need, for any quantity. Your advantage: one supplier with global coverage for the complete "Electronic packaging solution”. All you have to do is to install the electronics in the case. Take a look at our comprehensive range of services below!