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Building management
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Security / Building services systems

Man and technology

OKW enclosures transform your technology into attractive, eye-catching products in the home, workplace and public areas.
Intelligent, efficient and durable: our aesthetically pleasing, state-of-the-art cases meet and exceed users’ emotional expectations of the modern man/machine interface.
Depend on OKW’s excellent design and quality to showcase the high standards that characterise your company’s products.
Manufacturing for rough environments? OKW offers numerous enclosures rated IP 65 to IP 67.


OKW products exude quality to inspire a positive user experience: making them ideal for your individual building management systems. Our enclosures and tuning knobs are available in virtually all colours and numerous surface finishes. Tell us what you need.

Application fields

  • Time recording and access control
  • Network technology for communication and monitoring systems
  • Peripheral and interface equipment
  • Controllers in building installations (transmitters and receivers)
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Application Examples