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Samples & quotes

How do I get a sample or quote?

This website has a shopping cart icon for creating your own personal product list which you can use to compare different enclosures and tuning knobs, create your own parts lists, and request samples and a quotation.

product basket icon


  • Click on the product basket icon to add a product to your personal list.
  • Continue to use the product basket icon to add more products as you browse through the site, e.g. add suitable accessories or alternative enclosures  to your list.
  • Click on the "delete" button to remove any unwanted items from your list.
  • You can review your basket at any time by clicking on the "i" button on the right side of your browser window.
  • Use the product basket to request a quotation. Enter your quantities on the enquiry form you need.
  • For sample requirements just put a tick on the request form (Note: we normally only provide one sample of each enclosure).
  • Use "PDF Export" to download your product basket as a PDF.

Once you are happy with your product basket click on "Continue to enter contact data >>", then complete your contact details and hit "Submit Enquiry".

Your samples and/or quotation will be with you shortly.

Note: You’ll receive a copy of your „online enquiry“ by auto response.