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Press releases

On this page you will find current press information from OKW Gehäusesysteme.

November 2022

MINI-DATA-BOX: The new small enclosure with that certain something

Small yet robust enclosures are needed for the integration of miniaturised electronic components, sensors and radio technology. The MINI-DATA-BOX range of plastic enclosures by OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH is ideal for this purpose. On top of that, with its designer corners that play gently with the light, it provides an extremely high-quality look with a new lightness.

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October 2022

SOFT-TOUCH LACQUER - A tactile highlight

Devices can be improved by means of colours and surface finishes. As a customisation option, we therefore offer a wide selection of lacquers to enhance your devices. There are various reasons for lacquering plastic enclosures and tuning knobs: you can lacquer them to match your corporate design, to achieve metallic effects, to ensure electrostatic discharge or, for example, to obtain an antimicrobial surface.

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September 2022

Safe and reliable thanks to application-oriented electromagnetic compatibility

Medical electronics have to meet higher and higher standards, and the applications are becoming increasingly complex; particularly in the health sector, trouble-free operation is essential and may even be life-saving. However, where electronic devices are in use, there is also electromagnetic interference. How this affects a device or even other electronic devices in the surrounding area is where EMC comes into play.

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