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Junior national team – Odenwald selection in the OKW logistics centre
TUfast Eco-Team (TU Munich)
Medals for TSV Buchen, football tournament
Partnership with Dallau animal shelter

Partnerships & Sponsoring

Social commitment has a long tradition at OKW Gehäusesysteme. Most of the clubs and institutions listed in the following enjoy a partnership with OKW Gehäusesysteme that has lasted for many years. In addition, the company is involved in various individual projects. The fields are manifold: sport, social commitment, school/education, art and culture.


  • Schachclub BG Buchen 1980 e.V. (Chess Club)
    school chess,  teams of regional leagues
    Partnership >>
  • TSV Buchen (football)
  • VFB Altheim (football)
  • TV-Kirchzell, men's A youth team, regional division (handball)

Social involvement

  • Tierschutzverein (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Mosbach und Umgebung e.V. (Elztal-Dallau animal shelter)
  • Patron of the emergency baby ambulance "Felix" of the Björn Steiger
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  • Togo-Initiative (97953 Königkeim)
  • Buukumi children's charity project in Uganda

School / Education

  • DHBW Mosbach (Cooparative State University)
  • TUfast Eco-Team (TU Munich), The mobility of the future
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  • Hochschule Bochum, Bochum University of Applied Sciences, SolarCar
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  • Sailing Team Darmstadt e.V.
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  • IFiB Institut für innovative Bildung (Institute for Innovative Education) e.V. in Bamberg Collage >>
  • "Klasse2000"
    Partnership of the elementary school Alois-Wißmann-Schule
  • KTS secondary school, Buchen
    (educational cooperation for, among other things, career research, practical training, workshops in companies and much more)


With the OKW bus to the handball games
With the OKW bus to the away game TV-Kirchzell, men's B youth team, regional division (handball)
Medals for football youth tournament
Individual medals for the 12th Edmund Geisler Memorial Tournament, football youth tournament, organised by SV Seckach
Material support for the pupils of the IfiB - Institut für innovative Bildung e.V. in Bamberg
Cooperation between OKW and Karl Trunzer school
The cooperation between OKW and the Karl Trunzer school covers the areas of career orientation / career planning in the 8th and 9th classes of the secondary school.