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Patron of the emergency baby ambulance

Patron of the emergency baby ambulance "Felix" of the Björn Steiger Foundation

OKW Gehäusesysteme has become patron of the initiative "Emergency Baby Ambulance Felix" of the Björn Steiger Foundation.

Certificate of Patron of the emergency baby ambulance

The number of premature births in Germany is increasing. As far as possible, premature babies should not be transported at all. However, many cannot be adequately cared for at their place of birth and have to be moved to a special clinic. Transportation that is as gentle and jolt-free as possible can be of vital importance. This is now the fifth generation of emergency baby ambulances to ensure the fastest possible care of premature babies. This newly developed system, which comprises not only a portable incubator but also a whole mobile intensive care unit, guarantees safe and fast transportation of the tiny patients to a suitable paediatric clinic. With the new portable incubator, the temperature can be regulated from the outside. The temperature also remains stable thanks to the double skin. In case of emergency, small flaps can be opened to look after the baby during the journey.

Special features of this intensive care unit are a separate power supply and spring suspension to ensure maximum safety. To monitor the vital functions (temperature, ECG, pulse oxymetry and blood pressure) a mobile control monitor is used. In addition, as well as a suction pump, a special portable ventilator for babies is available; this requires an oxygen and a compressed air supply. Several syringe pumps are available for medication application. In addition, an electronically assisted loading and unloading system facilitates the work of the staff, since this system can now be operated with just one hand. The special medical equipment for premature and new-born babies (for example bag valve mask for infants, intubation instruments and venous access catheters) and special medicines are kept in an emergency case or emergency rucksack for children. Since the vehicle is also usually integrated in the local rescue service, there is also an emergency case for adults in the vehicle.

You can also help by giving a donation:

  • Optimum transportation conditions prevent long-term damage and give newborn babies a better chance of survival.
  • A significant improvement in the quality of medical care.
  • The best care for premature babies must not be prevented by high costs!

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