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OKW ROBUST-BOX defies several climatic zones and sets out with the new SolarCar by Bochum University of Applied Sciences

For more than 10 years now they have been building solar cars in the SolarCar workshop at Bochum University of Applied Sciences. Although the cars that were initially built were racing cars, the latest developments are increasingly going in the direction of everyday use - with indicators, windscreen wipers, reversing lights, headlights etc. This is also the case with the 5th generation of the SolarCar, which is currently being designed and built.

OKW Gehäusesysteme supports the team of developers with the necessary enclosure technology and services. The requirements that the enclosure had to meet were: low weight, EMC protection, installation of a 100 x 160 mm Euro board, enclosure height 60-80 mm, robust and protected up to IP 65, pressure compensation option in the event of changing weather conditions, attachment to DIN rails, cutouts for display elements and interfaces etc. The project team decided in favour of the OKW ROBUST-BOX made of polycarbonate, ideal for tough conditions. The electronics installed in it monitor, among other things, the voltage, temperature and telemetry of the car.

The SolarCar is energy self-sufficient, that is, it is driven only by the energy of the sun, which is collected by the solar cells on the roof of the car. It is also exceedingly efficient - the electronics of the car guarantee optimum energy output and the bodywork, which is made of ultralight carbon fibre, weighs practically nothing. Yet this project is unique nation-wide - for apart from this solar car, there is no other solar car that is "engineered and made in Germany"!

The team of the SolarCar project currently involves about 30 students, from the faculties of mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electrical engineering, computer science, geoinformatics and economics. The objective of the project is successful participation in the World Solar Challenge 2013, which will take place in Australia from 6 to 13 October.
We wish the SolarCar team lots of success.

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