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Safe and reliable thanks to application-oriented electromagnetic compatibility

Safe and reliable thanks to application-oriented electromagnetic compatibility

Medical electronics have to meet higher and higher standards, and the applications are becoming increasingly complex; particularly in the health sector, trouble-free operation is essential and may even be life-saving. However, where electronic devices are in use, there is also electromagnetic interference. How this affects a device or even other electronic devices in the surrounding area is where EMC comes into play.

Whether in everyday use in the clinic or for health care equipment in the home: technologies such as Bluetooth or WiFi, but also electromagnetic interference from other devices, can have an adverse effect on electromagnetic compatibility. It is therefore important to ensure that a device does not cause unintended failures in other devices, and at the same time the device itself must also be protected. Plastic enclosures generally do not offer any natural protection against electromagnetic radiation: this can be counteracted by applying an aluminium coating to the inside of the enclosure, so that malfunctions and damage can be completely prevented here.

OKW offers this aluminium coating as a customisation option. Together with other customer-specific services, such as mechanical processing, painting or printing, OKW can manufacture individual enclosure solutions tailored to the customer's requirements.

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