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MINI-DATA-BOX is now also available as a two-coloured version

MINI-DATA-BOX is now also available as a two-coloured version

The new MINI-DATA-BOX small enclosure series from OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH is specially designed for integrating miniaturised electronic components, sensors and radio technologies. These highly versatile housings are robust and have a modern high-quality appearance which is perfect for today’s compact devices.

For the flanged versions, OKW has launched a highly attractive new two-colour version: the top part in RAL 9016 (traffic white) and the bottom part in a muted grey shade which is similar to RAL 7042 (traffic grey A). This is in addition to the existing standard single-colour options for all versions: RAL 7016 (traffic white) and RAL 7016 (anthracite).

MINI-DATA-BOX universal enclosures have compact external dimensions and are available with or without flanges. The flanges are suitable for cable ties and mounting screws. As a result, the cases can be mounted on walls, machines, ceilings, pipes, masts and rails etc. They can also be used on a table-top and even carried in a pocket. These enclosures are truly ‘go-anywhere’.

In addition, OKW’s in-house Service Centre offers many options for creating your own fully customised MINI-DATA-BOX. For example, with CNC machining, printing, painting, laser marking, EMC coating or even assembly work.

The enclosures are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications (IP 40 is standard, this can be increased to IP 65 with the accessory seal). Typical applications will include mini gateways for IoT/IoMT, GPS transmitters with BLE, NFC and iBeacon or goods tracking in warehouses and smart logistics. These are just some of the many diverse fields for using the MINI-DATA-BOX.

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