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With smart enclosures into an intelligent future

With smart enclosures into an intelligent future

In addition to the "Internet of things" (IoT), the "Industrial Internet of things" (IoT) is a leading technology in digital transformation. Here, the focus is not on the entertainment or comfort of consumers, but rather on collecting and centrally delivering numerous amounts of data on machines, special work scenarios or across the entire value-added chain. All of these new IIoT sensor technologies require robust enclosures to meet the diverse needs of the smart factory. OKW Gehäusesysteme offers suitable enclosure solutions for the applications described above.

IIoT devices are high quality and are equipped with sensitive, precise electronics. Of course, this also places special demands on the "packaging" of the most diverse sensor technologies. The plastic enclosures as well as the aluminium enclosures must be robust and properly sealed, preferably in different sizes and versions, with a wide range of accessories. Many enclosure ranges can be equipped with an optional seal to ensure a high degree of protection (up to IP 65). This offers the electronics optimum protection from dust, dirt and splash water. This makes the "packaging" ideal for applications in harsh industrial environments. The material also plays an important part, which is why numerous enclosures are available from stock in high-quality materials with high levels of UV protection.

The installation of the units offers different approaches, depending on the type of enclosure. The EASYTEC flanged enclosure and the large-volume NET-BOX are suitable for stationary use with wall mounting or in machines/systems. The PROTEC and the high-quality SMART-TERMINAL aluminium profile enclosure are available as suitable table-top/desk-top versions. Both enclosure ranges are available with an ergonomically favourable inclination angle for easy operation and improved reading of the data. For technologies that are worn close to or on the body, special wearable enclosures such as the BODY-CASE are ideal.

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