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The right enclosure for everyday clinical use

Enclosure for everyday clinical use

Medical equipment is used in sensitive and clean areas with challenging working conditions. Whether in a doctor's surgery, a laboratory, a clean room or a clinic – high demands are placed on the quality of electronic medical equipment: it should have an attractive appearance with a robust, durable design, and it should be ergonomic, sturdy and tamper-proof. All of these electronic medical products require "packaging" to optimally meet the above-mentioned criteria. OKW offers a wide portfolio of enclosure solutions specially for this purpose.

In the health sector, there are many devices into which something has to be entered or in which something is displayed, be it patient data, important analyses of substances, emergency and notification systems or operating terminals for access areas. This medical equipment must be able to perform a variety of tasks: smooth, continuous use around the clock, use by a wide variety of users, and in some cases they must be mobile and portable. The material from which the enclosure is made is particularly important. It must withstand wear and tear, as well as cleaning with common cleaning agents or disinfectants, without damage. The plastic enclosures and aluminium profile enclosures by OKW are available in high-quality materials, in a modern and timeless design. Another important point is protection against electromagnetic interference in order to prevent fatal failures of the equipment. With an EMC coating, the electronics are protected from external interference as well as their own increased interference emission. For further individual customer requirements, such as mechanical processing for interfaces or printing, the standard enclosures can be modified as required.

Various enclosure solutions are available from stock for medical technology. The CARRYTEC, with its functional handle, is a portable version that can be transported from room to room or even mounted on the round rails of patient beds. The PROTEC and EVOTEC enclosure ranges are available for entering data at an ergonomically favourable angle on a wall, desk or table. Sometimes it is necessary to wear medical equipment directly on the body. Special wearable enclosures, such as the BODY-CASE, are ideal for this purpose.

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