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The OKW Trainee Welcome Day - For a successful start to professional life

OKW Trainee Welcome Day

On 02.09.2019, a new phase began in the lives of our new trainees and students: they began their own vocational training.
Vocational training poses a new challenge for them in their lives to date. They have to stand on their own two feet, they earn their first money and can actively contribute their skills and ideas.

For a successful start into this new phase of their lives, OKW organised a Trainee Welcome Day on 10.09.2019, and 16 trainees from the OKW Group took part.

OKW Trainee Welcome Day

The day started early in the morning at OKW with a round of introductions. This allowed the trainees from OKW, BKW, ORCA and CC to get to know each other. After they had got to know each other, the tours of the OKW group of companies began in Buchen and Schlierstadt.

OKW Trainee Welcome Day: on a visit to Computer Creativ

After interesting insights into the daily work with the finishing and marketing of plastic and aluminium enclosures at OKW, the trainees found out more about our service provider Computer Creativ. CC is responsible for personnel, financial accounting and IT services within the Group.

OKW Trainee Welcome Day: on a visit to FFB formenbau

They then visited the company FBB Formenbau Buchen. Here there were explanations of the development and construction of top-quality tools for injection moulding, die casting, silicone casting or bending parts.
The next stop was ORCA, responsible for customer acquisition and the sales of plastic and aluminium enclosures from various manufacturers.
The journey continued from Buchen to Schlierstadt, to another company belonging to the OKW Group. The "Bauländer Kunststoffwerk" (BKW) gave the trainees insights into the storage of plastic granules and the production of injection moulded parts, e.g. enclosures, which are used in the electronics industry, medical technology, measurement and control technology etc.

At a team rally in the "eventurepark" in Steinbach

After an informative and interesting morning, the participants started out on an eventful afternoon.
At a team rally in the "eventurepark" in Steinbach, they were divided into two groups and given various tasks to solve together as a team. The trainees walked through the wood from task to task, proving their abilities. For example, the tasks were to overcome a spider's web, to complete a slackrope course, and brains were also required for some arithmetic tasks etc.
The team rally helped the trainees to get to know each other better, and everyone was able to prove their abilities.

With tired legs and growling stomachs, the groups made their way back to the starting point to celebrate their successes and end the day together with a barbecue.

And so a fascinating and exciting Trainee Welcome Day came to an end.

We wish all trainees a wonderful, successful start to their training!