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EMC Aluminium coating

Aluminium coating

The aluminium coating is applied in a high vacuum. The 99.98 % pure aluminium is vaporised within a short period of time and is deposited on the plastic surface. The thickness of the coating is approx. 2.5 µm. The aluminium coating is also characterised by good adhesion. To achieve an even better shielding effect, other coating thicknesses are available on request.

Certification in accordance with UL 746C / ALVACOAT®*

We have certification in accordance with UL 746C for the following materials in the standard OKW colours:

  • Rotec ABS 1001 FR/E
  • Terluran GP-22 / Altech A1000/906  
  • Novodur P2H-AT
  • Lexan 141R(f2)
  • Luran KR2867 CWU
  • Romiloy ASA/PC 8170
For current information, please refer to online certifications directory under UL File Number E257055.
To download a certificate, see menu Information > Download.

*ALVACOAT® is a registered trademark of OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH and identifies the process used by OKW to coat plastic parts made of standard materials that are certified in accordance with UL 746C.

EMC and plastic enclosures

The non-conducting material used for plastic enclosures, for example ABS, PC and PA, has advantages in voltage and contact protection compared with metal materials. It behaves like an insulator.

For devices that causes electromagnetic interference or whose operation is impaired by such interference, plastic enclosures without special measures offer only moderate protection.

Please keep in mind that the use of external accessories may influence the protection class, for example, and can cause corrosion. For this reason, we recommend consulting the supplier prior to using these external accessories.

Coating of other plastic materials on request.

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