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Universal temperature controller, Rinck Electronics

Universal temperature controller / Temperature difference controller

Temperature difference controllers function according to the principle of temperature differences. The controller controls the installation and systems according to the temperature specified by the user. It performs important monitoring and safety functions for safe, long-term operation.

The "CT-20" universal temperature controller / temperature difference controller for wall mounting has 3 inputs (PT1000, voltage, current) and a 3-point and a 0-10V output. The devices can optionally be supplied with an RS485 interface, e.g. MOD BUS. Depending on the application, the controller functions, the week program, password etc. can be set in the submenu. The device is operated using 4 membrane keys with an LCD display.

As the enclosure for the "CT-20" device, the Smart-Box 120 x 90 mm has proved convincing, with its aesthetically pleasing design and high-quality technical features, e.g. flame-resistant plastic material complying with UL 94 V-0, flush-fitting panels that make the screw area invisible, stainless steel enclosure bolts which ensure a high level of corrosion resistance etc.


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