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qube zero Patient Simulation System

Patient Simulation System

What has already been standard practice for pilots for decades is gradually becoming a part of everyday working life in medicine as well. Simulation helps to train your own hand movements and treatment methods in the team precisely and to anchor processes intuitively through constant repetition.

Skillqube, as a leading provider of preclinical training and simulation, has been instrumental in this development and offers a wide range of qubeSERIES, e.g.

  • qube ZERO
    The qubeZERO is the latest simulation system from the qubeSERIES. The qubeZERO contains everything that is needed for a successful simulation and is therefore the universal companion for every exercise scenario. It is perfectly integrated in the controller, assessment and cloud and thus provides the full performance required for the success of the training.
  • qube³
    ECG simulation system for preclinical use. The instructor control function allows realistic deviations such as extrasystoles, arrhythmia and sources of interference to be displayed on the monitor in real time. In contrast to a linear sequence, spontaneous, unexpected changes in the patient profile guarantee special realism and genuine stress situations for the rescue teams.

Depending on the application, the enclosures have openings for operating and display elements, as well as cable connections which are protected in the side pockets.


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