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Diagnostic camera for illustrating the machine status

Diagnostic camera for illustrating the machine status

The VSHOOTER® VBS1T is a portable measuring device with an external
acceleration sensor, a built-in camera, a stroboscope and a pyrometer. The vibration
statuses are visualized on a screen using traffic light colours. The result is a MCP
protocol (MCP = Machine Condition Picture) with a detailed diagnosis of the machine
status. The measured values are assigned to 4 groups as per the classification
specified in ISO 10816-3 & 7:

GREEN: no damage, machine is new or as good as new

YELLOW: still no serious damage, measurement to be performed again later

ORANGE: maintenance should be performed as soon as possible

RED: considerable damage, maintenance must be performed immediately

This results in a valuable trend illustration which allows the user to plan maintenance
measures over the long term or only perform them when necessary.

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