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Controller for intelligent tank management

Controller for intelligent tank management

Reliable control of tank fill levels, exact data acquisition and a flexible connection to the desired host systems - Hectronic offers intelligent and coordinated system solutions for optimum tank management.
One example: the Mineo Touch Controller. It is small, powerful and can be deployed universally and flexibly for the local display, evaluation, monitoring and transmission of the data from OptiLevel fill level measurement sensors.

The modern 7" colour touchscreen provides a user-friendly visualisation of all the relevant tank content data and allows high-performance tank content management for up to 32 tanks.

The information from the sensors is obtained automatically. The system offers several digital interfaces. This means that tank fill level data can be called up externally and alarm signals can be forwarded to external systems.

In the selection of the enclosure, the decision was taken in favour of the DIATEC M (270 x 200 x 48 mm) in the colour lava. In accordance with the requirements, the enclosure was subsequently mechanically processed (cutouts for the 7" touchscreen, LEDs and interfaces) and threaded bolts for installing interfaces were pressed in.


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