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Design Awards

DEsign Awards

OKW enclosures and tuning knobs are characterised by their high standard of form and function. Use the added value as your sales pitch! You will find design all down the line in product families with uniform design characteristics. This is an advantage for your product portfolio when using different sizes and series of enclosures.

Good design is highly coveted …

"All the products from OKW offer high design quality today, tomorrow and for many years to come. This sounds like an advertising slogan, but it is actually the definition of the optimum design of a "standard" enclosure and tuning knob. The long life cycles of the products we make require a sustainable design philosophy.
On the one hand, our customers expect that the enclosures they have purchased can be simply adapted for use as the own products. On the other hand, OKW would like to ensure that the high quality design of the housings helps customers to present the characteristics of their end products in the best possible way.

We are delighted when OKW enclosures and tuning knobs are regularly awarded design prizes because the well thought-out and elaborately designed forms represent a finely-tuned combination of functionality, value, aesthetics and ergonomics. The housings are not only easy to handle and can be used in a variety of ways, they also make you want to take a closer look at them, touch them or hold them in your hand.

How is such a constant, appealing form language developed?
By observing the markets, discussing emerging issues, defining one's own goals and keeping our finger on the button.
OKW goes its own way in design development. New enclosure systems are developed and implemented with a view to the future in complex processes and in sophisticated design concepts. This results in solutions which directly meet customers' current product requirements and thus contribute to their competitiveness.

Click the links of the award-winning products listed here to find out what OKW design is all about and what product ideas are behind it."

Martin Nußberger
polyform Industrie Design
80335 München

Awards for Enclosures and tuning knobs

In the following you can see examples of awards for high design quality.