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Shipping costs


For each order, we charge a flat shipping rate as follows:

for an order value of 500 euro and more
from an order value of 100 euro
order value of less than 100 euro

0.00 euro flat shipping rate
5.95 euro flat shipping rate
30.00 euro flat shipping rate

Delivery with OKW standard shipping is only possible within Germany by GLS or Dachser, for the above-mentioned flat shipping rate.

Surcharges for transportation with alternative carriers and/or transportation abroad (duty etc.) shall be charged to the customer separately.

All other countries

In countries served directly by OKW, shipping costs will be invoiced at cost.

In countries not served directly by OKW, please contact our local sales partners.

Terms of delivery and payment

In countries served directly by OKW: Terms of delivery and payment (pdf).