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February 2021

SLIM-CASE - Slim design handheld enclosure, sealed up to IP65

SLIM-CASE demonstrates what is possible with the design of a modern handheld enclosure, in terms of both appearance and function. The almost frameless design makes it possible to install low profile electronic components and assemblies as well as large displays and touchscreens of up to 4ʺ (10 cm) into a compact device. High protection class IP65: SLIM-CASE versions I-III with optional seal.


January 2021

Designing The Right Enclosures For Today’s Medical Electronics

Challenging Clinical Environments

Medical devices are like the clinicians that use them. Both face punishing working conditions – but miraculously, neither is expected to show any signs of wear. No patient wants to be treated by an overworked doctor who looks tired. Nor do they want to see medical equipment that looks scuffed and past its prime. They expect it to look spotless – all day, every day, no matter how old it is. So the enclosures housing these devices must be exemplary: smart, modern, robust and tamperproof. And they should be resilient so they continue to look ‘new’ for as long as possible.

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January 2021

Specifying Plastic Enclosures For Industry 4.0 Electronics

Electronics manufacturers know the importance of Industry 4.0 only too well. The race is on to create the next generation of robotics, computing, sensor and HMI products that will take manufacturing to the next level and beyond. OEMs face huge pressure to meet burgeoning demand in this rapidly growing market sector. And all this IIoT sensor technology must be housed within enclosures robust enough to meet the challenging demands of the modern smart factory. That in itself has created a mini-boom segment in the electronic enclosures market.

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