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February 2022

Bracket according to VESA standard for the SMART-TERMINAL on request

The VESA standard is used in many suspension arm and wall suspension systems to attach devices to them easily and securely.

On request and in conjunction with the SMART-TERMINAL enclosure, OKW can now offer a 2-part wall suspension element made of anodised sheet aluminium in accordance with the VESA 100x100 standard.

Installing the VESA adapter is quite simple: slide it sideways into the existing grooves on the rear side of the enclosure, then screw the plastic covers with design seals or the aluminium end plates to the aluminium profile. The unit can then be installed on the wall (wall plate from the 2-part set).
To lead the cables through, both the VESA adapter and the wall plate have corresponding cutouts, thus allowing the unit to be connected at the rear.

If required, SMART-TERMINAL enclosures can also be mounted directly on commercially available swivel arms and wall suspension systems with 100x100 mounting holes using the VESA adapter.

Thanks to the bracket, the attractive aluminium profile enclosures are versatile in use and easy for the user to operate and read – specifically adapted to the application in question.

Simply ask our experts. We shall be pleased to advise you!


January 2022

Change in Technical Management at OKW

After more than 30 years, our highly respected Technical Director Egon Weinlein moved into the passive phase of his early retirement programme on Friday, 21.01.22.

In his career, Egon Weinlein significantly shaped our company culture and contributed to OKW Gehäusesysteme becoming the successful and future-oriented company that it is today.

Since 1989, more than 40 new enclosure and tuning knob series have been developed, introduced onto the market and established in the long term under his responsibility. In addition, Egon Weinlein himself established the quality management system at OKW and devoted great personal attention to it over the years. At the same time, he always raised the awareness of his colleagues for the high level of quality of the products in order to improve customer satisfaction. He encouraged necessary changes through ongoing training and face-to-face meetings.

We wish Egon Weinlein all the best in this new phase of his life.

Since the beginning of the year, Philipp Schell has assumed responsibility as Technical Director at OKW Gehäusesysteme. After his training in model construction, he successfully completed his master craftsman's examination in the model construction trade. As a designer, he extended his specialist knowledge in enclosure and tuning knob technology development at OKW. Furthermore, he has an in-depth understanding of quality management.

Photo (left to right): Philipp Schell, Egon Weinlein, Yvonne Ellwanger, Christoph Schneider

January 2022

Booster vaccination for OKW group of companies

Vaccination, including the relevant booster, is an important contribution towards combating the pandemic. Especially now that it is known that vaccination protection against the new virus variant decreases significantly only three to four months after basic immunisation, and that this new virus variant is also steadily on the rise, there is need for action.

Since December, OKW has therefore been offering its employees the chance to have their Corona vaccination boosted quite easily by the company doctor, Dr Michael Mikolaiczik, in the company's own first-aid room. First and second vaccinations are also being offered here.

Last Saturday, 22.01.2022, another 39 vaccinations were carried out within this framework. For the OKW group of companies, it is important to offer its employees the best possible support in this respect in order to create a "normal" working day as far as possible; this is rounded off by a voluntary test offer, also for vaccinated employees, as well as by flexible working models.

The team responsible for coordinating the vaccinations for the group of companies, including Dr Michael Mikolaiczik as the doctor in charge and his wife Claudia Mikolaiczik who, as a medical assistant, carries out the vaccinations, is now well-established and experienced in the procedure. In this way, employees can easily and without stress maintain their vaccination protection directly in the company building or, of course, obtain their basic immunisation.