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Portable ultrasonic device for veterinary medicine
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Portable ultrasonic device for veterinary medicine

The ibex-EVO portable ultrasound device has been especially developed for veterinarians and professional animal breeders. This device allows for data transmission and real-time processing of ultrasound signals right up to the display of the image data. The results can be checked instantly on site, thus saving valuable time. Signal processing is improved via a chip, leading to a larger display format with images in SVGA quality. In addition, blood flow measurement using Doppler ultrasound and colour Doppler is now also possible.

The ultrasound device uses a FPGA signal processor. This is ideal for the extremely high DSP processing throughput which is required for various functions. These include the evaluation of high-resolution ultrasonic beams from many parallel receiver channels, the signal processing chain for filtering, envelope detection and signal enhancement. The processing throughput is also important for the scan converter and the conversion of polar or rectangular scan formats to a standard video-compatible format. The device is equipped with a sealed LED display (8.4") and a backlit keyboard. As a result, the digital image can be clearly seen, even in strong sunlight. The full range of imaging modes is featured, B, B+M, PD and colour.

The device runs for over 3 hours on inserted batteries. The scanner of the ultrasound unit is water-resistant and therefore suitable for use in harsh environments. It is also particularly shock-resistant, dust-proof and low stress for the animals to be examined. A Bluetooth remote control with programmable keys is also available for additional control. The organically shaped MINITEC enclosure with in-house modifications was used here.


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