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Control unit for Relax and Massage Chairs
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Control unit for Relax and Massage Chairs

VITALTECH offers an extensive range of exclusive Relax and Massage Chairs in different styles and equipment variants, which you as a customer can put together according to your own wishes and requirements.

Massage techniques:

  • Rolling and stretching massage
  • Relaxing or tapping massage
  • Kneading and flexing massage
  • Tapping and kneading massage combined
  • Vibration massage in the leg area

The various functions and programs of the chairs can be controlled comfortably and safely using the hand-held control unit. Among other things, the OKW STYLE-CASE will impress you with its curved design and unsurpassed handling. The highly polished surfaces also underline the elegance and design of the high-quality VITALTECH chairs.




Продукция OKW