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Tension meter for measuring belt pretension

Tension meter for measuring belt pretension

The WF-TM Nano tension meter is intended for the fast and easy measurement of belt pretension. This tension meter is characterised by its compact size, and thus not only fits into any pocket but also allows measurement in inaccessible places. The innovative tension meter is suitable for all types of V-belts, toothed belts and power belts.
Since the acoustic measuring principle is used, the type, colour or nature or the belt, or even direct sunlight, have no influence on the results of the measurement. The tension meter is equipped with a legible, easy-to-read 2 x 8 character LCD display. The sensor is directly attached to the housing with a plug. This makes it easy to operate the device with one hand. For measurements in inaccessible locations, the supplied extension cable can be installed between the device and the measuring head.


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