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RoyalGPS for precise position detection

RoyalGPS for precise position detection

RoyalGPS is used wherever high-precision, surveyor-quality position detection is important or where unfavourable environmental variables such as forests or treetops impede GPS reception. RoyalGPS offers three important components for this:

The ROVER – RoyalFix
The mobile unit ("Rover") receives a wide range of satellites and simultaneously calibrates itself through the cellular network. The highly accurate positions are transmitted to a tablet or smartphone and are available in an app.
The unit is housed in the OKW BLOB PANEL enclosure.

The base station – Royal Base
This is permanently calibrated and serves as a transmission unit for correction data using RTK technology (Real Time Kinematics). This achieves an accuracy of up to 1.4 cm.

The mobile application – the RoyalGPS app
This Android app is used to transfer the coordinates as well as for display, administration and further processing processes, e.g. supplementary information can be added by means of free text or voice input, images etc. Voice control is also convenient, with verbal feedback being used to check the data entered.

The application areas of RoyalGPS are diverse, e.g.

  • Forest management: accurate measurement of tree locations, detection of boundary stones, digital logging trails
  • Road maintenance: border detection, traffic safety of trees
  • Civil engineering: determination of flow directions
  • Surveying
  • Agriculture
  • Archaeology


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