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Measuring station for stationary field measurements

Measuring station for stationary field measurements

The MagBase is a magnetometer-based measuring station for stationary field measurements. It can be used individually or in parallel with the MagDrone R3, the MAGNETO BM2 borehole system and other SENSYS systems to record temporary magnetic interference or mains voltage. The possible applications are manifold, e.g. for mapping in archaeology, for geophysical sounding, in the search for war-related contamination in the ground and much more.

The MagBase's stand-alone data logger has an internal memory that can record all the measured data of all sensor axes for at least 24 measuring hours. It also has an acceleration sensor for monitoring the position of the station – if the station falls over, MagBase reports an error. Thanks to the internal GPS, all measured data are referenced by means of the universal GPS time stamp and can thus be easily correlated with other measured data later.



Bad Saarow (Germany)

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