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Light therapy device ibis 2000

Light therapy device

The company A + P Microcomputer GmbH develops, designs and manufactures customer-specific controllers.
One example of this is the "ibis 2000" device.

The possible applications of "ibis 2000" (integrating bioenergetic system therapy) in naturopathy are varied: pain and organ therapy, allergy therapy, drugs test, interference field detection etc. The treatment results are based on
1. the use of monochromatic light as a therapy
2. the underlying theories and topographies and
3. simultaneous diagnostics and therapy with the ibis 2000 device

For diagnostic purposes, the skin resistance is measured. To do this, the patient holds in his or her hand a therapy pen in the middle of which the therapeutically effective light (wavelength approx. 660 nanometres) is generated by a high-performance luminescent diode. The skin resistance measured with the help of a contact pin is indicated on an analogue measuring instrument and at the same time by an acoustic signal. The simultaneous measurement and therapy process allows the simultaneous observation of the energy-relevant change in skin conductance. All measured values can be imported into a PC by means of an interface (optional).

The measuring and therapy system is operated using rechargeable batteries. If necessary, the batteries can easily be removed from the rear panel of the device and replaced. As far as the choice of the enclosure is concerned, a decision was taken in favour of the OKW 42 TE Euro enclosure with handle bar/bail arm.


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