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Electromagnetic impulse therapy with infrared light

Electromagnetic impulse therapy with infrared light

The innovative therapy method of the Local Applicator generates a strong electromagnetic field that acts on a deep cellular level. It can be used to treat several centimetres of tissue and bone at depth. This way, cell function can be preserved, regenerated and restored. The generated frequencies also have a dampening effect on the pain-transmitting nerve fibres, which can effectively reduce pain from inflammatory processes. The additional effects include sustainable promotion of the metabolism and improved circulation in the treated tissues.

The concurrent application of infrared deep warmth increases the positive therapeutic effects of the strong electromagnetic impulses. The warmth produced by red and infrared light (infrared A) will also reach the deeper structures in tissues and bones and can take its effect there. Among others, it ensures better microcirculation and enables the nutrients necessary for development or regeneration to reach the treated regions more easily. The deep warmth also has a direct influence on the collagen proteins in the connective tissues. These have a documented effect on the growth and renewal of bone tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules. While tablets need to pass through the stomach, the Local Applicator will help right on site without any adverse effects at all.

Patients suffering from pain can use the product easily and anywhere. The Local Applicator uses electromagnetic impulse therapy for efficient and mobile treatment of symptoms with deep effect. Users are able to visually and acoustically monitor the treatment during applications. The application range of impulse therapy includes, among others, the following symptoms: Arthritis, arthrosis, diabetic foot syndrome, fibromyalgia (pain with changing localisation in the muscles), fractures, joint pain, migraine, rheumatic complaints, tinnitus. Treatments of about five minutes in duration have proven to have the greatest therapeutic effect. This also applies to immune modulation. Two to three sessions of five minutes each per day and per treatment area are sufficient.

The OKW SYNERGY enclosure is used twice in this application: firstly as a mobile therapy device (Local Applicator) and also as an inductive charging station (Local Charger). The customer requested  the enclosure top and bottom parts were moulded in white instead of the standard black colour. The enclosures were machined to allow fitting of the electronics components and interfaces. We also produced a membrane keypad for the Local Applicator and a front foil for the Local Charger to the customer’s exact requirements. And, in cooperation with our partner ANSMANN AG (specialists in bespoke power supplies) we provided an individual inductive charging solution - quickly and efficiently.


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