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CO2 traffic light

CO2 traffic light

Driesen + Kern GmbH have been producing and distributing measuring instruments and data loggers for a wide variety of measured variables and applications for over 40 years now.

The CO2 traffic lights presented here support the demand-controlled ventilation of indoor spaces, for CO2 is an indicator of good/bad indoor air. Less CO2 means fewer aerosols in the indoor air, and the risk of infection, e.g. with Corona, decreases.

Furthermore, excessive concentrations of carbon dioxide have a lasting effect on concentration and thus on productivity and output. This can be avoided by demand-controlled ventilation.
The CO2 traffic lights in the attractive design of the SYNERGY enclosures are an eye-catcher on the wall and on your desk. The units can optionally be secured against unauthorised removal by means of a padlock.


Driesen + Kern GmbH

Driesen + Kern GmbH,
Bad Bramstedt (Germany)

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