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Biosignal simulator, Dr. Fenyves und Gut

Biosignal simulator

The company Dr. Fenyves und Gut Deutschland GmbH develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic systems with the main focus on the field of sleep medicine.

The device shown here is a biosignal simulator, which is used to calibrate and test sleep diagnostic equipment. For example, it is able to output an ECG signal or a sine wave to specific sockets.

The UNITEC size S enclosure (125 x 177 x 69/22 mm) proves convincing with its two differently inclined operating panels. These can be used ergonomically for operating and display purposes. To meet the requirements, suitable cutouts were made in the plastic enclosure for the OLED display, the control elements and interfaces. The use of an all-round digital printing foil designed to match the corporate image also helped to create an enclosure solution with the ultimate in individuality.


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Dr. Fenyves und Gut Deutschland GmbH,
Rangendingen (Germany)

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