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Plastic Enclosures With Integrated Handle

CARRYTEC is unique in offering a functional handle for many different tasks and situations, indoors and outdoors. 

  • integrated handle with soft insert for perfect, non-slip grip
  • handle located above the centre of gravity for balanced carrying
  • rear can be installed on a tripod or support arm systems for fast positioning and alignment of the viewing and operating panels, and orderly cable management
  • especially large surface area that is ideal for user interfaces (S: 8,4"/21 cm; M: 10,4"/26 cm; L: 13,4"/34 cm)
  • ample installation depth and plenty of room for interfaces, yet slim appearance
  • interfaces are protected by inset areas on the underside
  • secure storage on table stand and/or wall suspension element; easy transmission of data and charging current, contacts as accessories
  • holding clamp for round tubes and rails according to DIN EN ISO 19054
  • available moulded in impact resistant plastic material, and darker colours, for tough/dirty conditions indoor or outdoor
  • protection class IP 54 with sealing (accessory)
  • recessed operating area for protecting the membrane keypad
  • the enclosures are easy to clean
  • a battery compartment for 5 x AA cells can be fitted (machining required)
  • optional protection bags for carrying probes, sensors, cables etc. (size S)
  • internal fastening pillars for PCBs


Unique variety of possible uses: mobile – desktop – wall mounted – rail mounted – round tube – tripod – suspension arm.
Depending on the application (indoor/outdoor) this innovative enclosure is available in different materials, e.g. high-impact plastic material in darker colours for tough conditions.

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