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PROTEC – Range of square enclosures with maximum operating comfort

We have developed a new enclosure range for you! The PROTEC has a square basic shape with plenty of space for your fixtures and fittings. Because of this, the new enclosure range is ideal for your application, either on the wall or as a modern desktop device. The ergonomically favourable inclination of 20° allows optimum operation of the terminal units and makes it very easy to read the data, even at different distances and angles.


Holder for STYLE-CASE Size L

Holder for STYLE-CASE Size L

Everyone knows the problem: the mobile device is no longer in use and there is no place to put it down safely so that it can be reliably charged and picked up again quickly in case of need. This is where the new holder comes in.
While the device is gripped securely in the holder, the display and operating panel remain easily visible and the interfaces are freely accessible.
The holder can be screwed to the wall, and for surfaces that cannot be drilled (furniture, glass panes etc.) it can be secured using adhesive foil.

STYLE-CASE range of enclosures

Enclosures for IIoT Applications in Smart Factories

Industry 4.0 requires enclosures for smart sensor applications

The fourth industrial revolution, or "Industry 4.0" for short, has already begun, even if many people are not really aware of this. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that most people have already heard of it, but many are struggling with the definition and its real impact on day-to-day working life. In addition, the topical subjects of IoT (Internet of Things) and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) are mentioned in the same breath as Industry 4.0. This makes things a little more complex.

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Charging the BODY-CASE in series

Charging the BODY-CASE in series

Would you like to simultaneously charge several BODY-CASE enclosures wirelessly on a table stand? No problem! Stations are now available as accessories for individual series mounting and configuration.
The stations offer sufficient space for additional electronics, e.g. an inductive charging option. Integrated guides allow the BODY-CASE enclosure to be easily located into position. If necessary, a seal (accessory) for protection class IP 54 can be fitted.


New OKW customer magazine

New OKW customer magazine

In the new issue of the INSIDE customer magazine we deal with the topic of "high quality, modern aluminium enclosures". The OKW aluminium enclosure programme protects your electronics reliably. The enclosures offer an optimum combination of function and design. They score points with exceptional stability and heat dissipation, as well as a high-quality appearance thanks to a matt anodised finish in conjunction with attractive plastic parts.

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