Target group selection "Office.Communication.Building"

Brand-name products made by OKW offer a more aesthetic design , thus giving your products a high-quality appearance. Particularly in your field, visually attractive, contemporary solutions are what is required.

Our close and continuous cooperation with an experienced team of industrial designers allows us to combine aesthetics with a high level of usability. This is reflected in love of detail, excellent ergonomics and out-standing surface quality.

A clear form language allows universal application - distinctions can easily be implemented through layout or colour design.

In the following you will find a selection of modern case and tuning knob solutions for your application.
Acc. Combination Knobs

Acc. Combination Knobs
Well adjusted

Large number of accessories:

  • covers in different colours, with/without indicator line
  • arrow disks, disks, dials
  • nut cover
  • locking device with stator, locking device
  • adjusting key, spanner
  • round nut, torsion protection etc.


Geometric perfection

The ART-CASE range of cases is impressive thanks to its unique design concept and ideal for indoor applications e.g. desk and wall mounting case where particular importance is attractive appearance.

  • new: squared and edged basic shapes
  • ergonomically shaped case design; high-quality appearance
  • 3 different bases for differing set-up and installation angles
  • with high and flat top part (depending on case type)
  • available without or with battery option, battery compartment as accessory
  • protection class IP 40
  • available as assembly units for individual combinations


Modelled for your hand

Inspired by the touch sensation, the design is entirely geared to the needs of the user. *** iF product design award 2014 ***

  • 3 BLOB types, "UNIT", "CONTROL" and "PANEL" following the principles of "Universal Design"
  • supports applications that are flexible enough to meet the needs of a large number of people with different hand sizes and grasping volumes
  • high level of practical value thanks to a convincing 3D touch sensation
  • easy to handle, pleasant to hold, exact to guide and to operate
  • gentle and at the same time rugged


Comfortable to carry

CARRYTEC is unique in offering a functional handle for many different tasks and situations, indoors and outdoors.

  • non-slip carrying option above the centre of gravity of the enclosure
  • rear installation on tripod or support arm systems; fast positioning / alignment of the visible and operating panels, orderly cable routing
  • especially large surface area that is ideal for user interfaces (8.4"/21 cm; M: 10.4"/26 cm; L: 13,4"/34 cm)
  • protected installation of interfaces
  • secure storage on table stand and/or wall suspension element
  • holding clamps for mounting on round tubes and equipment rails DIN EN ISO 19054
  • versions in reinforced, impact-resistant plastic stand up to tough conditions
  • enclosures are easy to clean
  • protection bags for instruments, sensors, accessories etc.


Geared to design aesthetics

Modern tuning knob series for a innovative image of your devices.

  • with proven collet fixing (4.6 or 8 mm, 1/4")
  • matching colours for an up-to-date Fronted-Design
  • with/without marking element "Peak"
  • covers 40/50 mm also with finger grip available
  • available in 6 sizes (diameter 16 - 50 mm)

Combination Knobs collet fixing

Combination Knobs collet fixing
Well adjusted

Proven tuning knobs for electromechanical rotary potentiometers.

  • with collets for round shaft ends corresponding to DIN 41591
  • 8 sizes ranging from 10 - 50 mm diameter available
  • as round/wing or spindle-shaped knob, with/without indicator line
  • large range of accessories: covers, disks, nut covers, etc. see product group Combination Knobs-Accessories


Pleasant to use

Modern case series for table top and wall mounted applications.

  • with operating area sloped by 10°, especially advantageous during the operating process
  • available in 2 heights
  • big interface areas, ideal for SubD-plug connectors or similar
  • case screws with wall application accessibly
  • exquisite assembly technique by only 2 screws
  • for big volume though slim and robust optics


The display professionals

The generous hand-held case programme for graphic modules.

  • sizes L and M: spacious display and operating area · space for mounting of PCMCIA cards · charging station as desk top or wall mounted version · changeable battery compartment for up to 5 x AA mignon cells, to be locked · Protector absorbs impacts and for surface protection (acc.)
  • sizes XS and S: with smaller grip starting from 58 mm and large display area · additional battery compartments for 2, 3 or 4 x AA mignon cells or 9 V flat battery · Protector absorbs impacts and for surface protection (acc.) · Station for charging electronics (acc.)


Compact technology

Programme of small cases, especially robust and sealed for mobile applications.

  • ideal for cable-connected or battery-supported remote controls
  • with battery compartment resp. with integrated supports
  • additional versions in plexiglass, infra-red permeable
  • recessed operating area for membrane keyboards
  • suitable clip as accessory
  • high protection class up to IP 54 with sealing


Professional operational data collection

The multifunctional case system for table top and wall mounted applications.

  • standard case for the operational data recording
  • ergonomic shape
  • installation of standard plug-in/slide-in reader systems
  • hidden wall mounting and plain areas
  • sizes L and M: with electronic and terminal compartment
  • sizes S and SL: without terminal compartment

Desk Cases

Desk Cases
Functionally inclined

Two-part case for table top applications with sloped operating area.

  • available in 3 sizes
  • ergonomically favourable shape
  • spacious for voluminous components
  • raised open space, easy to machine
  • size 220 with high top part and front panel
  • Combi Desk Case additionally with view top


Guiding dialogue

Case series for table top and wall mounting applications.

  • available in 4 sizes; attractive, flat styling
  • large and plain operating area, hinged lid for covering as accessory
  • recessed area for interfaces
  • easy wall mounting, easily accessible
  • integrated battery compartment for 2 mignon cells or one 9 V flat battery
  • slot-in panels can be used as interior partitions as accessories


Noticeably pleasant to carry

Unusual case series, ideal as a mobile case for carrying on the body
or as a hand-held operation terminal.

  • Sizes S, M and L, each in two heights
  • good reading of display elements, handy operation
  • possibility of internal power supply
  • big interface area at the front
  • strap eyelet-fixing and belt straps as accessory
  • new: size XS with intermediate ring for small electronic components, easy to wear with carrying strap, hand strap or wrist strap

Euro Case

Euro Case
Everything snaps into place

The solid modular construction without screwing.

  • 2 sizes (42 TE, 63 TE)
  • height of case can be varied by the use of side panels
  • a minimum of assembly effort by secure locking
  • snap-in panels with/without ventilation slots alternatively
  • tilt feet, handle and front/rear pensl as accessories

Flat-Pack Case

Flat-Pack Case
Fast and simple mounting

Universal and proven case for the electronics.

  • for table top and wall mounting applications
  • available in 4 sizes and different heights
  • fast, easy assembly of the circuit boards
  • also with handle or ventilation slots optionally
  • version for front panel mounting in 3 sizes
  • wall mounting kit as accessory


Industrial quality

As a terminal and electronic enclosure, the IN-BOX offers many different options.

  • Plastic enclosure in 9 basic sizes and different heights
  • Top part available in the enclosure colour and PC in transparent
  • Rational stainless steel quick-action lock
  • High impact strength IK07 (ABS) / IK08 (PC)
  • High protection class IP66/IP67
  • The complete enclosures in polycarbonate comply with fire safety standard UL 94 5V (better than V-0), although the material only has the classification V-2.


Interface professional

The INTERFACE-TERMINAL is predestined for data visualisation and additionally offers a maximum ease of use.

  • the new interface between a stationary and a mobile component
    click here for a film (flash file)
  • unique variety of applications: mobile, desk-top, wall mounted
  • operating panel in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • a lot of space for operating elements, graphic displays/touch screens (6.4" - 10.4") and electronic
  • ergonomically designed for operating and reading off
  • 3 sizes: S, M, L
  • protection class up to IP 54: with sealings (accessories)
  • available as assembly units for individual combinations
  • New: installation assembly kit with elegant high-gloss design frame, individual colours and finish

Lux Case

Lux Case
Fast assembly

Electronic case with excellent design.

  • case composed of 3 parts for easy access to the components
  • available in 3 sizes
  • colour combination: off-white RAL 9002 / pebble grey RAL 7032
  • vertical/horizontal positioning of PCBs possible
  • various accessories: tilt feet, handle, card guide, etc.


Versatile elegance

Spacious case system for high quality electronic systems.

  • 3 sizes, variable in height, easy to assemble
  • high stability by screen-shaped ribbing
  • for Eurocards: single, double and extended
  • with plastic front / rear panels (same surface quality)
  • slide-on trims in 2 colours and 2 versions
  • accessories: sloping control panel, stacking elements, wall mounting brackets, connectors and handle


The perfect companion

The MINITEC cases convince their users thanks to their mini-dimensions and maximum benefits.

  • modern, flat styling *** iF product design award 2009 ***
  • easy to wear and always within easy reach, e.g. round your neck or as wrist strap, with a wrist strap or on a keyring.
  • intermediate ring in different versions and colour; TPE ring for a pleasant touch sensation and as impact protection
  • also available in infra-red light-permeable PMMA plexiglass
  • 2 different shapes ("D" and "E") en 3 different sizes (S/M/L)
  • protection class IP 41: types E (size M) and D (sizes S and M) with intermediate ring, all other IP 40
  • available as assembly units for individual combinations


Large interface panel

Specially designed case system for table top applications.

  • modern and up-to date design with spacious operating area
  • available in 3 sizes, each in 3 heights
  • ergonomically sloped operating panel as accessory
  • screwless mounting; secure plug and locking connection
  • also available with handle
  • also in flame retardant material UL94 V-0
  • Net-Box

    Elegant central control unit

    The flat, elegant enclosure offers sufficient scope for installing and covering your electronics, small displays and large-volume connectors.

    • flat design
    • 3 enclosure sizes
    • concealed plug connections and interfaces
    • the electronics compartment has protection class IP 65 when the sealing kit is used
    • easy three-point wall mounting
    • high-quality ASA+PC-FR material

    Shell-Type Cases

    Shell-Type Cases
    The system with 1001 possibilities

    perfected case system for the universal use.

    • available in 4 sizes, each in 3 heights
    • 3 different case types:
        V: open front, closed rear
        O: front and rear open
        G: front and rear closed
    • also with battery compartment or recessed operating area


    Good to hold

    Series of small cases in handy pocket size.

    • curved shape, convincing by unsurpassed handiness
    • for remote controls with/without cable for low voltage applications
    • vesions with/without battery compartment, in plexiglass, infrared-permeable
    • protection class partly up to IP 65 when using the sealing kit
    • suitable clip and support for secure deposit as accessories
    • new: station S, M & L for desk-top applications
    • 4 case sizes


    A wide format

    The first standard case in pocket-format with "orientation towards the width".

    • user-friendly shape, ideal for miniaturised electronic applications
    • spacious interface area as well as enough space for bigger displays
    • additional versions in PMMA infra-red permeable and BIOGRADE® off-white
    • intermediate ring for more installation height as accessory,
    • in TPE-version usable a a sealing ring (up to IP 54 without battery compartment) and impact protection
    • intermediate ring also in PMMA, ABS off-white & lava, ABS chromed or BIOGRADE® off-white
    • practical combination clip usable as wall-holder and pocket clip


    Luminous Control

    New tuning knob range, predestinated for the application of central user inerfaces.

    • two installation versions (surface-mounted or flush-fitting)
    • optional illumination with SMD LED technology possible
    • ergonomic design: finger recess (lid), knurls and inclined body (knob)
    • tried and tested collet fixture system (6 mm, 8 mm, 1/4")
    • max. torque: assembly = 1.5 Nm, function = 1.2 Nm
    • two sizes (33 and 41 mm)
      Link to STAR-KNOBS configurator (.xls)


    Designer knobs

    Homogenous tuning knobs with a modern design.

    • with lateral screw fixing for:
      4 mm, 6 mm, 1/4" and flattened axes
    • available in 5 sizes from 16-40 mm diameter
    • 5 different and individually interchangeable marking elements
    • IF award 1996 decorated


    Professional assembly

    The case program with a maximum of mounting facility.

    • for table top and wall mounting application
    • easy and cost efficient screwless case mounting
    • available in 4 sizes and 2 heights
    • detachable front ends, with/without ventilation slots alternatively
    • simple wall-suspension element with locking mechanism for every size
    • versions also in single colour black RAL 9005 available

    Tuning Knobs lateral screw fixing

    Tuning Knobs lateral screw fixing
    Large selection of types

    Proven tuning knobs for electromechanical rotary potentiometers.

    • with lateral screw fixing
    • different versions


    Face to face

    The UNITEC range of cases is characterised by two operating panels rectangular to each other with different inclinations. These also allow simultaneous applications, e.g., a doctor face to face with a patient.

    • modern appearance, ideally suited for desk-top or wall mounting
    • generously dimensioned dialog fields with 72° / 18° inclination, all-round graphic overlays may also be used (variations with recessed area 0.6 mm)
    • pushbuttons, switches and display elements can be ergonomically operated and read off
    • flexible component mounting; electronic and interfaces can be installed as complete ready-made packages
    • with/without battery compartment 3 x AA / 5 x AA


    Measuring, controlling, regulating

    Range of wall-mounted cases with freely accessible terminal compartment, practical for mounting and connection work.

    • available in 5 sizes
    • also available with transparent enclosure cover (left-hand or right-hand hinge)
    • alternatively available for front lid / front panel attachement (accessory)
    • fastening pillars and guide grooves for vertical and horizontal installation of printed circuit boards
    • up to protection class IP 65 (with transparent enclosure cover)